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Who We Are

Louttit & Associates is a boutique insolvency practice based in Pitt Street in Sydney's CBD. Our professional staff have extensive experience across a broad range of industries. We thrive on complex insolvency matters and can quickly assess your position and advise a path forward.

What We Do

Jamieson Louttit is an official liquidator who received his training with one of the big four accounting firms. We have extensive experience with liquidating Australian assets. We have worked with property financiers, hospitality companies, manufacturers plus a range of other customers to liquidate assets.

Time Is Of The Essence

Do you have serious cash flow issues and are you unsure of the way forward with your business? Jamieson Louttit & Associates can help. Our expert Chartered Accountants can quite quickly review your situation and make recommendations in terms of the way forward. Don't leave it too late. Call us today!

Crisis Management

In some circumstances the best strategy going forward is to place your business into voluntary administration. Voluntary administration gives you a bit of breathing space while the future of your company is decided. It also gives you the opportunity to decide who will be appointed administrator rather than it being forced upon you.

Why you need to choose Louttit & Associates as your insolvency firm

We have extensive experience working with a broad range of Australian businesses. We employ an extremely capable team of professional Chartered Accountants who will be striving to get the best possible result for our customer.

The principal of our firm Jamieson Louttit is a Chartered Accountant and an official liquidator. Jamieson received his training at a big four accounting firm in Sydney and has owned his own practice for more than a decade.

We are passionate about insolvency and what we do. We love complex and detailed insolvency problems and we will cut through the complexity and provide you with a no nonsense view of what we believe your situation to be and the steps needed to resolve it.


  • Crisis Management
    Let Jamieson Louttit and Associates help you through your crisis. Our team of qualified Chartered Accountants can offer practical advice in terms of restructuring or liquidating assets. Cashflow issues do not always mean that your company needs to head into liquidation. Call us today to find out more.
  • Statutory Demands
    A statutory demand will be issuedn by the ATO when it is looking to collect an outstanding debt. The consequences of not paying on the demand are very harsh as it is likely the the ATO will try to wind your company up if you don't pay. Contact us immediately if you receive a statutory demand.
  • Garnishee Notices
    If you receive a Garnishee Notice from the Australian Taxation Office then you need to act quickly. A Garnishee Notice enables the ATO to take money directly from your bank account without consulting you. There are things that you can do and actions that you can take. Contact us today to find out more.


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  • Crisis Management
Jamieson Louttit is an insolvency professional and an official liquidator.

Jamieson and his team of professional Chartered Accountants have been involved in liquidation projects across a broad range of industries.

We take a practical no nonsense approach to insolvency and we work hard to deliver a good result for our clients.
Looking at putting your business into voluntary administration? Alternatively, do you have a debtor who owes you a large sum of money and you are looking to recoup some or all of your debt? Jamieson Louttit and Associates can help. We have extensive experience as administrators in a broad range of industries and circumstances. In many cases it can make a lot of sense to opt for voluntary administration earlier rather than prolonging the pain.
Our team of professional Chartered Accountants have extensive experience working across a broad range of industries. We can help you to restructure and refocus your business by giving practical real world advice. Call us today for more details.
When you are in the middle of a corporate crisis it is sometimes hard to think straight. Our skilled team have extensive experience working with businesses that are in crisis. We can assist with the liquidation of assets or divisions and the restructuring of your business.

  • "We can help to get your business back on track"Jamieson Louttit - Insolvency Firm Principal
  • "Our team of professional Chartered Accountants have extensive experience in a broad range of businesses. "Jamieson Louttit - Insolvency Firm Principal